Quality Branded Promotional Items

Your name on the tip of their tongue!

...or at their fingertips with premium quality marketing incentive products.


Increase enthusiasm for your brand with custom promotions that will get your customers - and their families, neighbors and friends - talking about you!

Trade Shows

Show up and Show off

Road-tested and guaranteed to perform, our tents, backdrops, lighting kits, retractable banners, table throws, and more will keep you in the spotlight. Indoor or outdoor, daytime or nighttime, we've got what the best-dressed booths are wearing.   

Presentation Folders
First Impressions Last

Don't miss your only chance to make it a good one. 


Quality presentation folders and packaging let your customers
know that you're serious about your business - and theirs.

Magnets & Sticky notes

Stick with your message!

Did you know a refrigerator magnet gets seen 14 times a day, on average? More often if there's ice cream or beer inside (we just made that part up).


And the fridge isn't the only thing you can turn into a mini-billboard. . . .

Branded Apparel

Wear your heart on your sleeve

... or your logo on your hat.  Or golf towel.  Or jacket!


Promote your business, event or cause with personalized clothing and accessories.  Build brand recognition, team spirit and awareness everywhere you go!

Custom Labels

Others need not apply

If you've got a surface - we've got your label.


Quality digital, UL, variable data, double-sided, repositionable, weatherproof, heat/cold resistant, tamper-evident, domed labels, decals, bumper stickers. . .


Did we miss anything?

davenport design + print

billboards, brochures, business cards + stationery too

We bring more than 45 years combined practical experience to developing and implementing design/print solutions for your small-to-medium sized business. 


As graphic design and print professionals, we'll guide your projects smoothly for you from concept to completion, saving you time and money.

Your Light-bulb moment.
It's in the box

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